hellenic fantasies, a salad of your choice, water and cofee included

- 25 euro -


aplistia / hellenic fantasies

a halkida olive tree platter with tastings that tell the story of our culinary tradition

melitzanosalata / eggplant cream dip
tzatziki / made with Karagiannis Corinthian yoghurt
taramas / salted fish roe sauce
mavres elies kalamon / black Kalamata olives
psomaki pita / our pita bread


salate / salads

ntakos, marouli, feta / barley rusk dakos, tomatoes, samphire, basil and feta from Sparta
xorta epoxis me katsikisio malako tiri / wild salad with soft goat cheese from Crete and Hevia dried figs


* * *



an appetizer of your choice, a main course of your choice, water and coffee included

- 30 euro -


mezedes / appetizers

kolokythokeftedes / mint courgettes patty
pita kataifi me feta / kataifi, feta cheese from Sparta, fig jam
kalamarakia tiganita me krya melitzanosalta / fried calamari with eggplant and mint salad
hortopita / herbs, leak, wild mint
revythada, avgotaraxo Trikalinos / chickpeas, bottarga Trikalinos


kreas / meat second courses

gyros katsikisios / lamb kebab, mint, tzatziki with baked cherry tomatoes and crunchy pita bread
bifteki / chopped beef and pork skewer seasoned with green beans, mint and lemon


psari / fish second courses

htapodi me meli / honey confit octopus
tsipoura me stamnagkathi / sea bream, chard, dandelion and dill


* * *


glyka / desserts

giaourti me meli / yoghurt with wildwood Vasilissa honey - 6 euro -
portokalopita / classic orange cake - 9 euro -





All of our seafood is fresh and is put through Thermal abatement (-20), conserved at low temperature as per in force law and regulation CE 853/2004.

If you are intolerant or allergic to anything or a coelliac it is possible to change ingredients thus offer alternative ingredients to our menu.

The complete menu with detailed list of allergenic is available to check if necessary.