afrodis / bubbles

parangka lefkos
domaine kur - yianni / Macedonia
vine xinomavro - roditis - chardonnay
apricot and peach aroma with floral notes
lively fizz, fruity and fresh - 22 euro -

glinavos estate / Epiro / debina vine - vlachiko (500ml)
unique! slightly sparklingwith a strong oxidative trait
a dried fruit preserve aroma with refreshing honey notes
balanced acidity and sweetness - 22 euro -

rosè / rose

petit fleur
paparoussis winery / Peloponneso
sideritis vine, 2015
a pear and aromatic herb aroma with a slight cherry jam scent
balanced taste, refreshing acidity and a delicious aftertaste - 22 euro -

rose de xinomavro
thymiopoulos vineyards / xinomavro, 2015
a complex aroma with berries, strawberry and tomato preserve 
round taste - delicate tannins, balanced acidity - 24 euro -

lefka / whites

domaine papagiannakos / Attica / savatiano vine, 2015
a delicate citrus fruit flavour acidity and a pleasnt fruity after taste - 22 euro -

semeliwines / Peloponnesian / moschofilero vine, 2016
a citrus fruit aroma and intense floral notes elegant flavour, fresh acidity and
a long after taste ideal for an aperitif and to pair up with sea food - 22 euro -

kalavrita, domaine mega spileo / peloponneso / muscat vine, 2016
floral mediterranean aroma, mountain vineyards (over 850 metres)
full-bodied with frsh acidity - 29 euro -

douloufakis winery / island of crete / vidiano vine, 2016
fruity stone aroma, with chamomile and jasmine notes sturdy
with an apricot and flower prevailing taste, balanced acidity 
and a pleasantafter taste - 24 euro -

vino di sasso
sclavus winery / island of Chephalonia / robola grape vine, 2015
jam aroma, yellow coloured flesh fruit and chamomile, with a strong mineral
note pleasant acidity and a grapefruit finishing touch - 32 euro -

domaine sigalas / island of Santorini / aidani vine, 2016
tropical fruit aroma, white flowers and fresh grass, it feels balanced with good 
acidity and minerality - 29 euro -

gaia wines / island of Santorini / assyrtiko vine, 2015
high acidity, dramatic and complex minerality for a full bodied wine,
well structered with a delicate acacia aroma interesting with fish, 
seafood but also with a lemon sauce stewed lamb - 32 euro -

vassaltis vineyards / island of Santorini / assyrtiko vine, 2016
lemon peel and firestone aroma with a long aftertaste
it has iodised notes that recall the sea and wet stones - 36 euro -

domaine haridimos hatzidakis / island of Santorini /
assyrtiko vine, 2013 / the name comes from the word “otte” as wine picking
starts a little after midnight as a way to avoid the heat an intense citrus fruit
and spice rich taste and great acidity and fruit - 42 euro -

vignes centenaires / domaine hatzidakis / island of Santorini /
assyrtiko vine, 2011
yellow coloured flesh fruits and spices complex flavour, intense
acidity strong minerality and long after taste - 80 euro -

erythra / reds

domaine tetramythos / Peloponnesian / agiorgitiko vine, 2014
organic agiorgitiko made on mountain vineyards gifts you of a 
cherry aroma with violet notes, full-bodied and fruity flavour - 20 euro -

aivalis winery / Peloponnesian / agiorgitiko vine, 2014
red berry aroma zesty herbs and vanilla vivacious tannins
intense fruit aroma good balance, a long and slightly spicy
hot aftertaste - 27 euro -

domaine theopetra / Tessaglia / limniona vine, 2013
cherry and blueberries, dry fruit and black pepper feels round
to the palate with velvety tannins - 32 euro -

ghi & ouranos
thymiopoulos vineyards / island of Paros / xinomavro vine, 2013
an elegant red berry and violet aroma, intense tannins
remarkable acidity and a well structured lenght a pleasnt
xinomavro made by zaoussa's "new school" - 29 euro -

angels’s heart
tatsis estate / Macedonia / negoska vine, 2015
red berry mix with a sweet and savoury flavour to it,
it feels rich with powerfull tannins acidityand freshness - 32 euro -

domaine hatzivaritis / inland Macedonia
xinomavro vine - negoska, 2012
an interesting bond between two local vine variety:
tomato condense with red berries and spices which 
makes it rich and tannic with a long after taste - 26 euro -

domaine kikones / Tracia / limnio vine, 2015
plum, cherry and spice aroma well bodied with mature
tannins, an almost mint like liquorice - 37 euro -

paparoussis winery / Peloponnesian mavrodaphne vine, 2010
dark fruit and eucalyptus aroma sturdy
well structured tannins and great density - 44 euro -

domaine sigalas / island of Santorini / mavrotragano vine, 2013
rare red variety, it gives you a spicy and berry fruit aroma
marked acidity, velvety tannins and a long ending - 72 euro - 

mpyres / beers

monday's septem
Pilsner beer - 330 ml
fresh-brewed lager unpasteurized
filtered Pilsner like - alc. 5% vol - 7 euro -

septem 8th day
India Pale Ale - 330 ml
fresh, unpasteurized
unfiltered beer IPA - alc. 4,7% - 7 euro - 

epidorpia / da dessert

domaine haridimos hatzidakis / island of Santorini
assyrtiko-aidani vine, 2003
sun dried grapes and 6 years in barrel: complex aroma,
rich flavour a sweet and fresh appealing balance
bottle 375 ml - 38 euro - glass - 6 euro - 

samos nectar
cooperativa di samos / muscat, 2007/ island of Samos
sweet wine made from withered grapes with a dry fruit,
a candied and toasted walnut aroma
good acidity and balanced sweetness
bottle 500 ml - 24 euro - glass - 5 euro - 


liker - apostagmata / liquors - spirits

domaine hahalis / Patrass, Peloponnesian liquor
with cinnamon, cloves nutmeg a monk made and used
Lentisk mastic. A so called cure for the soul
bottle 500 ml - 30 euro - glass - 5 euro - 
domaine schoinos / island of Chios lentisk plant resin
bottle 500ml - 32 euro - glass - 5 euro -
tsipouro / dark cave 
domaine tsililis / Thessaly / 5 years old aged tsipouro
fermented pomace of high quality grapes
bottle 700ml - 60 euro - glass - 7 euro -
metaxas 5 stars
a greek brandy made with muscat grapes and regional botanicals
from the Mediterranean. The product is smooth and mellow
bottle 700ml - 32 euro - glass - 6 euro -
A traditional liquor with a unique star anise scent, according to some the word “ouzo” comes from the Turkish word “uzum” which means “grape stalk”: others claim that this drink was exported to Marseilles in containers which had “uso Massilia” written on them to specify the destination. With time this writing became the equivalent of good quality of the beverage. Massilia eventually disappeared leaving only “uso” which was then adapted and turned to “ouzo”
bottle 200ml - 20 euro - glass - 4 euro -